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MX Merchant is a single-source, custom-built payments ecosystem that not only processes payments but also delivers intuitive tools to help with billing and collections, sales tracking, customer engagement, and retention – everything you need to run a successful business the way you choose! We offer powerful, customized payment tools made to set your business apart from the rest.

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Thousands of businesses are migrating each and every month from traditional payment processing vendors to Low Cost Merchant Service’s integrated core processing platform. The strength of MX Merchant’s dynamic, custom-built payments ecosystem is that it streamlines workflows and effectively manages all critical aspects of running a business from a single source.

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MX Merchant is one of the most powerful payments platforms available and is a payments ecosystem that goes far beyond the traditional gateway. It comes standard with your Merchant account and includes these robust features:

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MX Payment Options

From simple payments to complete order tracking and invoicing, we offer a variety of ways to get paid. Quick Pay allows you to start accepting payments right away via cash, card, and check.

Are you looking for something a bit more robust? MX™ Merchant accommodates complete orders including customers, inventory, shipping, and returns with split tender payments.

Do you have clients who already have an open balance? MX™ Merchant provides a ‘Pay Now’ option within the email that allows customers to make a convenient, secure card payment.

Transact On-The-Go

If you’re not a brick-and-mortar, if you don’t want to be stuck behind a register, or if you need to be out and about while transacting, MX™ Merchant offers a mobile product to suit your on-the-go needs.

MX™ Merchant Express is an easy-to-use iPhone application for accepting card payments with optional gratuity.

MX™ Merchant Retail accommodates complete orders and inventory all from the convenience of an iPad. And if you need to manage multiple orders at once, our Pro app for iPhone allows multiple open “carts”. You can also keep an “open tab” for your customers while moving around and serving multiple clients.

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payment widget

Customizable Payment Widgets

Already have a website or an email where you’re collecting funds? Charities, fundraisers, school events, or anyone wanting to collect funds through their own branded platform can use MX™ Merchant hosted payments.

Our customizable Payment Widget links directly to your merchant account and allows card payment without you having to handle any sensitive card data. Create one or more customized widgets and track payments.

Personalized Inventory Management

Since every business need is different, our system allows you to customize inventory or stock with our specialized management tools.

MX™ Merchant will not only handle your point-of-sale needs, but it also handles all inventory needs from onboarding to tracking, from simple to complex inventory. Track suppliers, create purchase orders, transfer inventory between locations, and manage numbers on what is and what is not selling, all from our customized system.

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MX recurring


Collect payments with little to no effort with MX™ Merchant Recurring Billing. Create custom auto-pay, text-to-pay, or click-to-pay subscriptions for your most valued, repeat customers.

MX™ Merchant provides payment options and recurring billing cycles to fit every need. Easy and convenient for you and your customers.

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